December 19, 2003

Waxing And Waning

Caroline says: C'mon, be HAPPY.

Ryan says: I'll be happy if a Brazillian wax awaits me this evening.

Caroline says: um, ok.

Caroline says: but you said you're not sure why she's doing it, so you'd be happy she's there with or without the wax.

Ryan says: Well, not the wax so much as the result of the wax.

Caroline says: right, like I said.

Ryan says: She's wavering pretty bad. I don't think she'll go through with it.

Caroline says: Shasta said it reeaaaaaaaaaaalllly hurts

Caroline says: but that it might get less painful the more you do it. But why the hell would you do it again if it hurt so bad the first time?

Ryan says: Because the American mass media has delivered an unattainable ideal of what a woman should look like, and women will strive to achieve that ideal no matter the pain or mental trauma involved.

Caroline says: well, yeah.

Ryan says: You asked.

Ryan says: And, because of that, mental midgets like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton will continue to be hoisted up as ideal mates despite their absolute inability to think a coherent or meaningful thought about anything except themselves.

Caroline says: awesome

Ryan says: But I'd still like to see Mel with a smooth beav. That would be sweet!

Caroline says: sigh

Posted by Ryan at December 19, 2003 04:07 PM
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