January 26, 2004

Just Some Quick Randomness

It's snowing today. A lot. I stepped outside this morning to start my car so it would be all nice and toasty after I finished all my bathroom exercises, and I was reminded, once again, why I despise Minnesota winters. They suck. After I finished all my bathroom exercises, I went outside, once again, and had to scrape the remaining snow from my windows. After completing the task, I used my windshield scraper to whap the snow from my shoes. As a result, the scraper broke. Let me just quick repeat that. The scraper broke. Because I hit my shoe with it. That, my friends, is an indication of a shitty scraper. Note to self: I must now purchase a new scraper. A less shitty scraper.

I got a notice in the mail this weekend that I must renew my license before March 1, my birthday. I remember when I renewed my license the last time, and I remember thinking that, when I next had to renew my license, I'd no doubt be doing big and important things. Of course, I'm not doing big and important things, at least not yet, and for some reason that revelation put a real damper on my weekend. Here I am, stuck, with a broken scraper. Crap.

My roommate, Amy, bought a treadmill last week. I didn't know what to think of it at first, because I've always been an enthusiastic proponent of running without a treadmill. There's so much more to see when you go running outside. Well, that was my thinking before last week, when the temperatures here in Minnesota hovered somewhere down around Mars. I discovered a newfound appreciation for treadmills, particularly treadmills that are indoors. I ran six miles on the contraption last night, while also watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sure, I'm a geek, but at least I'm a healthy geek.

So, I'm reading all this stuff about Howard Dean being neck-and-neck in the polls with John Kerry today, and I'm left thinking, "wasn't there a three-way tie in Iowa?" It's just that polls, more and more, are being discredited. They're nothing more than guesses, really. And, I'm starting to believe that campaigns have found ways to influence the polls. It's just a sneaking suspicion on my part. I don't know. I guess I really don't care. Thank God for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart for making mocking sense of it all.

I think I'm a real sucker for Axe products. I even bought the Axe deodorant/anti-perspirant Friday night. I guess it's okay stuff. I mean, it keeps my armpit stink and moisture at bay and all that. Still, I can't figure out why I'm drawn to the stuff. There are plenty of other products out there that deal with armpit issues. Why am I so magnetized to Axe? Gotta be the commercials. All the chicks in those commercials are so damned hot. Therefore, by using Axe, I'll attract all the hot chicks. Okay, probably not.

Anyway, it's Monday, and I have much work to do. Must get at it.

UPDATE: Well, at least SOMEBODY understands the political process.

Posted by Ryan at January 26, 2004 09:42 AM
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