February 19, 2004

Sexual Interest

Caroline says: Do you have change for a $5 by any chance?

Ryan says: Nope, but I do have a $1.

Caroline says: May I borrow said $1?

Ryan says: Said $1 is available for borrow, at 50 percent interest each minute.

Caroline says: yikes

Caroline says: how about we skip the interest and I provide sexual favors?

Ryan says: The Bank of Rhodes is kind of a bitch.

Caroline says: yeah, no kidding.

Ryan says: Let's see. . . $1, at 50 percent interest each minute. . . translating to sexual barter exhange. . . carry the one. . . round up to the nearest BJ. At the end of the day, you'd owe me two intercourses, three BJs and a hand job.

Caroline says: I'm a cheap lay then.

Ryan says: You have no idea.

Posted by Ryan at February 19, 2004 01:23 PM
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