March 08, 2004

Meteorologists Don't Know What The Hell They're Talking About

Driving to work this morning, the radio guy informs me, with great glee, that it was going to be over 40 degrees today and sunny, sunny, SUNNY! Booooo, to winter! Boooooo! Depart vile season of snow and cold! Begone!

Come noon, there's a freakin' inch of snow on my car, with plenty more cascading from the skies. And, you know what? No sun! Of the sun, no rays are shining. Only cold, grey, unfeeling clouds, loosening their watery frozen bowels on the hapless Rochester inhabitants.

I actually got mad at the snow. I was in my car, skittering along the slippery roads (the road crews hadn't been out in force yet, because I'm sure they heard the radio guy and figured they could sleep in), and I found myself actually cursing the snow. I mean, I'm okay with a March snowstorm or two, or even three, but not when they happen right on top of each other. We had a massive dumpy-doo of snow on Friday, and a slight additional dusting Saturday night, so being greeted with MORE SNOW after the radio guy promised SUN, SUN, SUN, just pissed me off somehow.

Ah, but do the meteoroligical powers that be offer up retractions and apologies for their false hope? No! They just go on talking about how it's snowing out, and that caution is advised, and that the flurries could continue on into the evening. They just wipe the slate clean. No, they didn't make a mistake. Couldn't have. Forget what we said before; this is what's happening now. You see where we had the happy smiley sun up there? Well, we're just going to put a big old mean angry cloud there instead. You didn't see nothin!

Lousy, stinking snow.

Posted by Ryan at March 8, 2004 01:32 PM
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