June 26, 2003

400 Gallons of Sperm On The Wall...400 Gallons Of Sperm. Oh, Yuck

Michele, over at A Small Victory, related an interesting fact about blue whales and the fact they are capable of expelling 400 gallons of sperm upon ejaculation. As one commenter noted: That's a hell of a money shot. Well, anyway, Michele asked for good whale sperm jokes but, as is so often the case, the jokes transmogrified into limericks, and here are my offerings:

A blue whale's penis is sturdy and firm
And can deliver 400 gallons of sperm
To absorb that much dick
Is no easy trick
But it's great practice for carrying a calf to full term.

Or. . .

A blue whale hooker was asked in great jest
Which approach to sucking whale cock was best
She said to bring a quick halt
To the flow of hot salt
Was to let it gush down on her chest

Got a good whale limerick in you? Have at it.

Posted by Ryan at June 26, 2003 04:53 PM
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