September 12, 2003

Schizophrenic Screed For Sept. 9, 2003

The insanity continues! Here, once again, is the mind boggling musings of a certifiably insane man. He's in rare form, as always. Try to make sense of him if you can, or, as they say, go ahead and try to "understand" him. He must have a point, you know, like terrorists do, right? Riiiggghhhtt. -- Doctor Evil.

MACHEYE. Now I turn my attention to homeland security & my words are you know who you are & I know how you do it. Thanks for the brainstem teletype from space. You have many holes & many flaws which tells the story now & as the Macheye looks at this what can we say. We fell flat in 1964. One President & also Democratic freedom. So now what do we have. Very bottom line the black pearl of space of retardation of gangrene. R13FCC-L22-2-2050. We the people of the United States. Now would anybody like to help out?

Yup, yet another compelling argument about, well, something. This guy should be writing for Indymedia. He makes about as much sense. Anyhooo, there ya go, your weekly window into mental instability. I feel I'm a better person for reading it. Do you?

Posted by Ryan at September 12, 2003 12:40 AM
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