November 13, 2003

Can You Hear Me Now?

To combat the audio ejaculations springing forth from my nose-blowing, carrot-crunching officemate, I finally surrendered and brought in a collection of CDs and a set of headphones to hopefully drown her out, or at least muffle her.

Two problems. A of all, my headphone cord isn't long enough to reach from the back of the CPU to my ears. B of all, there's one audio jack for left and one for right, so my head phones would be in mono rather than stereo. Taken together, the situation was unacceptable.

The solution?

Here at IBM (motto: No Technology Is Too Old), they used to equip all PCs with external speakers because the PCs of yore apparently didn't have internal speakers. Of course, nowadays, most PCs DO have embedded speakers, so the old external speakers have become obsolete. However, being that it's IBM, they never really got around to throwing out the old external speakers.

So, I invaded a vacant office across the hall in search of a set of the defunct speakers. And I found some! In the original box and everything! To give you an idea how old these speakers are, they're Altec Lansing ACS52 models. The box touts them as Windows 95 compatible, for crying out loud. With Phantom Bass! Whatever the hell that is. They're big and clunky and they look like air purifiers.

But, they work!

I'm now listening to Vivaldi (yeah, yeah, I know), and once my officemate comes into work, I can plug my headphones into the speakers and hopefully drown out her nasal noise.

If not, at least I have surround sound.

Posted by Ryan at November 13, 2003 11:15 AM
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