January 05, 2004

Buffalo Wild Wings Made Me Fight With My Girlfriend

I half walked, half tumbled through the apartment door on Friday afternoon. I was still jet-lagged from all the Hawaii travel, so my body was sending mixed messages to my brain. On the one hand, it wanted to sleep until 2005, and on the other hand it wanted to go for a quick five mile run.

For my part, I wanted to unpack, check my mail, take a nice, long shit, and then see where to go from there.

Included in with my mail was a note from my roommate, Amy, telling me to call Buffalo Wild Wings, ASAP. Buffalo Wild Wings is where I spend a couple nights a week playing NTN trivia, eating greasy food and gargling whatever beer they're promoting as their Beer Of The Month. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the hell they were calling me for.

It turns out, I won a Super Bowl party for me and nine friends, complete with all the Budweiser product we can drink, 100 free wings, and Bud promotional items such as tee-shirts, hats, etc. SWEET! I like to win things. Winning ROCKS!

So, I quickly churn through a mental list of people who enjoy beer, football and wings. My list includes my roommate, her boyfriend, Heidi and her husband, myself, Troy, Jim, Marc, Norm and Jeremy. There, that's 10. List completed!

You'll notice, however, that I forgot to conjure one very important name: my girlfriend, Melissa. I should note here, that Melissa didn't make the list for a few reasons, which seemed like very good reasons at the time. A) I've only seen her watch one football game in all the time I've known her. B) She works every Sunday, including Super Bowl Sunday. C) She hates beer. D) Man, I really should have fucking included her in the list anyway.

But, of course, I didn't. And, when I was talking with Melissa that night and I told her of my wonderful fortune, and, oh yeah, you're not in hallowed list of 10, things kind of went sour. A fight ensued. A fairly large fight ensued. Thankfully, it ensued over the phone. We ensued back and forth over the phone, on and off for about four hours.

It was tricky negotiating over that four hour span. We laughed. She cried. Okay, we didn't laugh, but she sure did cry. Eventually, however, as with most ridiculously stupid fights over really stupid things, we started to see just how stupid the whole fight actually was. I ended up inviting her to the Super Bowl party, and she ended up declining because, as stated earlier, she has to work Super Bowl Sunday. Well, wasn't that just a total waste of four hours in which I could have been sleeping?

We're better now. We just needed to fight. It had been several months since our last big bout over something stupid. Now we can move on to really important stuff, whatever the hell that may be.

Posted by Ryan at January 5, 2004 10:07 AM
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