February 11, 2004

Five Blogs I Read Daily

>From Johnny, by way of Tom, by way of Courtney comes a nice new idea. Name five blogs you read and think everyone else should too and then also five songs everyone else should hear. (That sentence was basically plagiarism from Johnny's site, but oh well, I'm lazy.)


A Small Victory -- Michele is one of the most well-known bloggers out there. And she occasionally runs goofy poetry and limerick contests, which keep me coming back. She's thoughtful, passionate, funny and smart, and she's basically discovered the formula for turning a blog and the Internet into a lucrative venture, which I admire. Plus, her content regularly rocks.

Intellectual Poison -- Johnny and I have something special, but which I mean we have amazing ass sex. Okay, not really. Truthfully, Johnny is a great guy and a fun read, and he finds daily news items that I otherwise probably would miss. Oh, and he's helped me out on a couple of articles, which makes me beholden to him in a knight/squire sort of way. By the way, Johnny, you're off the hook on that one article we talked about awhile back. It won't be timely enough by the time I get to it.

Strip Mining For Whimsy -- My daily source for frustration and pissiness. I could be in the best mood in the world, and one visit to Joshua will ensure a return to my dour, pissy self. Okay, it's not all that bad. I'm not sure, exactly, how Joshua and I came to know one another, although I'm relatively certain it was through some sniping political debate in some comment section somewhere. We disagree on pretty much everything you can imagine, but our paperback novel-length comment wars have been among the most useful mental exercises I've experienced since college roundtable discussions. Visit Joshua only if you can endure hard-assed diatribes mixed with statistics mixed with pounding liberal logic that grates against my modest right-of-center idealogies. And yet, I really like the guy. Joshua, you fucker. *hug*

Instapundit -- This is where I go to wash the taste of Joshua out of my mouth. Gah, that doesn't sound so good, does it? Glenn Reynolds is probably the most widely-read blogger on the Net, which makes him far more influential than a lot of media outlets in the world. He's not just my daily read: I hit refresh on his page basically every hour.

The Daily Bleat -- Again, James Lileks is a giant in the blog realm. Plus, he's a fellow Minnesotan, with a column in the Star-Tribune and everything, so I'm required to like him. It's a Minnesota-nice rule, you betcha. Lileks can go into realms I don't particularly care for, such as architectural ruminations, and ponderings about old movies nobody has ever heard of or wants to, but when he talks about his daughter, or when he goes on a screed, or when he takes a political tack, he's one of the best reads on the Net.


Five For Fighting: 100 Years. God, it's a sappy little song, but I like it.

Pretty much anything by Green Day.

Pretty much anything by Nora Jones. Note to self: buy her damned CD.

The Milkshake Song: Kelis. Yeah, just kidding here. This song blows the sacs of a thousand goats, but I heard the damned tune on my way into work today and it's bouncing through my skull relentlessly. Yeah, great, make a song about your blow job skills, and then market it to a bunch of early- and pre-teen girls who wouldn't know how to give a blow job if Jenna Jameson showed them personally. Now, every girl with braces and zits is convinced the best way to bring boys to their yard is to do something called a "milkshake," even though they have no clue what the hell a milkshake actually is. Argh!

Pretty much anything by Fleetwood Mac.

Posted by Ryan at February 11, 2004 11:58 AM
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