March 01, 2004

Happy Birthday To Me

29. Feels like 28, but it sounds more ominous. With 28, I still had a grace year at my disposal. Now, I'm disposing of that grace year. The big 3-0 looms like a gathering storm. Now, I'm in my 20s. Next year at this time, I won't be. It's like birthday purgatory, really.

Okay, I kid. I'm not nearly that bleak. Hell, I could be 50, and I'd still consider myself pretty dang young. Provided that, by 50, I've accomplished a whole lot more than I have up to this point. Well, that's not fair, either. I'm doing pretty well for myself. I have some money tucked away in the bank. I'm healthy as a horse. . . well, a horse with high blood pressure, but I always knew I was genetically programmed for that fate. I have a wonderful girlfriend who I love, who, despite all dictates of common sense, apparently loves me back. I have lots of friends. I have a great family. And I have a turquoise blog.

And, today, I go to see if I can secure a mortgage. It's sudden, I know. I toured a house this weekend and, for a raised ranch, it's HUGE (2,500 sq. ft.). It was built in 1958, and I don't think the decor has changed an iota since its construction. We're talking vast amounts of thick, green carpet, painted doors, a pink bedroom (including the ceiling), and a bathroom that screams "decorate me! Modernize me!" I want the house. If I strip out the carpet, revealing the beautiful hardwood floors beneath, paint the walls, and put in some new doors, we're talking a whole different home. And it features a porch so unbelievably huge, it would easily accommodate a hot tub AND an area for me to work out with my heavy bag and. . . and . . . and . . . I want the house.

Unfortunately, so does somebody else, and there are indications they're further along the process than I, so I'm scrambling today to go through all the unknowns of mortgages and prequalifying and God knows what other aspects of buying a home. It starts today, and I know nothing: tomorrow I should know more. Even if I don't get it, at least I'll have learned a thing or three.

Here's to 29 and whatever the year may hold.

Posted by Ryan at March 1, 2004 10:56 AM
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