March 18, 2004

When I Say Cheese, You Say. . . ?

It's word association this week at the Cheddar X, so I'll play along:

When I say:

Olympics, you say? = I'd like to screw Marion Jones

Politics = Oh, gawd, eight more months until the election. *groan*

John Kerry = Did you know he served in Vietnam? It's true.

George Bush = President of the United States

Osama = Yo Mama!

Same-sex marriage = Pretty gay.

Todd Bertuzzi = Todd what? Who's he?

Barry Bonds = Steroid slugger.

The Passion of the Christ = Cross my feet, you'll save a nail.

Beach = Hawaii.

Britney Spears = Bright future in softcore pornography. Hate to admit it, but I like that damn song "Toxic."

Paris Hilton = Bright future in hardcore pornography. Wait, what am I saying? Bright present in hardcore pornography.

Microsoft = Bill Gates is a billionaire, but my computer still crashes.

France = Cheese eating surrender monkies.

Hans Blix = Stooge

Linux = One of the big reasons I now currently have a job.

MTV = Moronic Television.

Outsource = Doomed to failure.

Hummer H2 = Good for the military; bad for the rest of the world.

Honor = Medal of.

Love = Myself.

Courteney Love = I'd like to screw Marion Jones.

Posted by Ryan at March 18, 2004 04:11 PM
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